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Professionalism, Practice Management
& Public Health Advocacy

The Delaware County Medical Society (DCMS) is a professional organization for physician members (medical and osteopathic doctors), affiliated with the Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) and the American Medical Association

Founded in 1850, and later incorporated as a non-profit organization, the DCMS is an active grassroots organization for physicians. Our members either live or practice in Delaware County, PA and are of all medical and surgical specialties. They are also in a wide variety of practice modalities, including employed physicians, private practice physicians, and also those in administrative, research, and academic positions. 

The society strives to help our physician and practice administrator/manager members, providing day-to-day assistance with the “business” of running a medical practice, as well as helping their patients with access to a wide range of resources in our community. Much of this advice and assistance is provided in conjunction with the outstanding professional staff of the Pennsylvania Medical Society or through referrals to reputable resources within our community. 

The society is always looking for more members to become involved in our ongoing work and offers leadership development in the process.  We encourage members to attend meetings of the Board of Directors and the active DCMS committees, including the Public Health Advocacy Committee; the Practice Management Committee; the Political Advocacy Committee and the new Information and Technology Committee.  Please contact our staff for more information.

Another important priority has become advocacy for physicians and the needs of their patients with elected state and national officials and with the staff of various regulatory agencies and third-party entities. The society’s longstanding commitment to the community continues.  Physicians and their practice administrators are eligible to become DCMS members.

DCMS Staff
Linda Harley, Associate Director
PO Box 745
Devon, PA 19333-0745
Phone: (610-892-7750


Serving Delaware County Since 1850

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