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Professionalism – we help you to stay informed about important developments and promote the doctor-patient relationship.  Use the Pennsylvania Medical Society’s “Tracker” program to coordinate and report your CME activities. Help shape the future of your profession by becoming involved in our work.

We will help your practice’s bottom line. Private practice physicians and those who are employed by practices all benefit from our work. Rely on our experienced staff and the resources which are available to members on a myriad of important matters. Have your practice administrator/office manager attend our quarterly meetings. We guarantee these programs will demonstrate value to your practice!  We’re only a phone call away!

Medical liability reform – working closely with the state medical society, a number of specialty societies, and the American Medical Association - we will continue to lead an aggressive, multi-year campaign to reduce medical liability premiums. All too often our critics complain that “nothing gets accomplished”. They seem to overlook their Mcare abatements or the changes that have occurred such as the new venue requirements and/or qualifications of expert witnesses.

Managed care reform – the DCMS continues to address third-party problems in the practice of medicine. Support our efforts to have physicians receive a fair-market reimbursement from health insurance companies in our region.



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